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Xotic Eye Kits

Xotic eyes is exclusive wearable art for women and men seeking instant glamour and show-stopping results. Xotic Eyes and Body Art has been worn by entertainment personalities, is a favorite of competitive cheer athletes, dancers, and models. Maxey's artistic designs are applied to a top of the line skin contact premium grade acrylic-adhesive, making it wearable and sweat proof. The line's instructions are as simple as Peel, Stick, Fill and Go.

Really Reusable? ~ To ensure longevity in your eye kit, carefully remove the eye from your skin and place it on the original backing or on parchment paper. Placing the eye on anything else can cause it to permanently attach. Eyes with more rhinestones are more durable and will last longer. It is, however, always important that you remove the eye with care. To increase the life of the stick, you can purchase readhesive glue.

Most Sets Include: 1 Set of Eyes (2 pieces) 1 Set of Bottoms (2 pieces) 1 Glitter Goo 1 Set of Eyelashes (2 pieces) 1 Tube of Eyelash glue